Violet Violet In The Wilde

Violet Violet In The Wilde
I think almost everyone has come across a wild violet at some point in their life.  Most people mistake this dainty little flower with heart shaped leaves as a "weed".  This bright cheery plant is one of the first sights that spring has arrived and it is far from a "weed".  The wild violet is full of medicinal benefits and has many different ways to prepare it for use.
Lymphagogue :
An agent that increases the formation and flow of lymph.  Violet may help clear stuck, stagnant and congested lymphatic areas.
a demulcent substance or agent, often mucilaginous, as for soothing or protecting an irritated mucous membrane. 
Anti-Inflammatory :
reduces inflammation (redness, swelling and pain) in the body.
‘expelling from the chest’, used to treat coughs.                 
Alterative :
over time may restore the bodies proper function and increase health.
Vulnerary :
helpful in treating or healing wounds.                                       
Anti-tumor :
preventing or inhibiting the growth of tumors.                         
Anti-rheumatic :  
reduces inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles, or connective tissues.
Diuretic :
helps with sodium and water retention.                                       
Anti-oxidant :
neutralize free radicals (unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing illness and aging.).  Helps reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.
Contains vitamin A, C, magnesium and calcium.                                        

Violet flower syrup

Wild violet vinaigrette

Wild violet jelly

Wild violet lemonade

Violet leaf & honey cough syrup

Violet massage oil

Disclaimer:  We are not medical professionals.  If you need medical advice please seek a doctor or medical professionals.





Book : Midwest Medicinal Plants By: Lisa M. Rose

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