5 Tips To Help Soothe That Itch

5 Tips To Help Soothe That Itch

We know how annoying itchy skin can be, so we’ve got 5 tips for you to soothe that itch internally and externally.


1) AVOID HIGH HISTAMINE FOODS (and or high inflammatory)

  • Think foods containing gluten, dairy, white sugar, alcohol, tomato, peanuts, chocolate, overripe fruit, etc. Obviously we can’t be perfect and you may not want to fully avoid these and that’s okay but it’s something to be aware of when you're in the middle of a flare or one comes about.


  • Eat foods and herbs that have natural antihistamine properties like nettle leaf tea, onions, apples, ginger, blueberries, turmeric, tarragon, chamomile, and thyme.


  • We touched on this a week ago in our “LOVE YOUR LIVER” post and offered 6 tips to support your liver daily. Your liver is your body’s chemical factory and its job is to clean things out. When it gets bogged down, your body starts trying to push things out through the other detoxification pathways and your skin is one of those pathways. A link to this post and our beloved Herbal Liver Tea Blend which can be used as a daily liver support will be linked at the end of this blog post.



  • If you haven’t already ditched your synthetic fragrances, now is the time. Topically they can be a BIG irritant and internally can cause an allergic reaction and that can manifest as a rash itself or irritate an already existing rash.



  • When in doubt, keep things simple and natural as possible. When rashes are present the skin is more fragile and prone to injury and germs. Keep it clean with a fragrance free soap and soothe your skin with something like our rash serum or one of our medicinal balms. Please note if your rash is wet, avoid using a balm until your skin has balanced out a bit to avoid locking in excess moisture and bad bacteria. Luckily we created a formula that will help your skin find its balance with our rash serum. Once your skin has balanced out a bit more, go ahead and include a balm if you wish. If your rash is dry, start with our rash serum and follow up with one of our balms, either our rose balm or just a phase to lock in moisture.
-Krista Holub
Links to posts and products mentioned:
LOVE YOUR LIVER IG post: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ca-26gzAB3C/


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