Simple and gentle daily detox practices

Simple and gentle daily detox practices

Detoxing is something everyone routinely needs ✨

But it doesn’t need to be some big complicated regime.

I want to encourage to you implement more simple and gentle everyday detox practices. You don’t have to do all of these daily but try to regularly incorporate some of these daily. Switching them up when you like or when it’s most convenient to you.

This will assist your natural detoxification processes along aside any intentional detoxing by opening up your pathways and therefore decreasing any pesky detox symptoms.

Simple detox practices:
1) Regular bowel movements: ideally 1-3x a day. If one thing is going in, one thing should be coming out!
2) Sweating: this is going to open the pours and encourage lymph flow cleanses the body of toxins.
3) Exercise / movement: this will help promote a good sweat as well as lymph flow to aid in cleansing. It will also assist in regular bowel movements.
4) Dry brushing: this will get rid of dead skin cells, boost circulation, and give you a better sweat before your workout or shower.
5) Gua sha / massage: light gentle tissue massage (not deep tissue) will boost circulation, decrease unneeded water retention / reduce puffiness, and aid in lymph flow.
6) Exfoliation (1-2x / wk): this will get rid of dead skin cells and gently give you a light lymph massage.
7) Red light therapy: decrease inflammation, boost circulation, and protect and maintain healthy mitochondria.
8) Nutrition: you can use your own kitchen to boost circulation, blood flow, and lymph clearing by leaning into warming herbs, spices, and warm hydrating meals like teas, soups, and broths.
9) Sleep: prioritizing this will ensure you are giving your body the repair and cleansing time it needs every night.
10) Castor oil packs: this will help support the liver and gently stimulate the bowels to filter, flush, and excrete toxins.
11) Hydration: this is crucial for healthy cellular function, kidney health, regular bowel movements, and so so much more! 
12) Nervous system regulation: we can’t talk about detox without addressing the nervous system because this is a big factor in systemic inflammation. When we calm the nervous system, we allow the body to heal better. Sunlight, sleep, nutrition, herbs, CBD, exercise, and chiropractic adjustments are all things that structurally and nutritionally help support a regulated nervous system. 
13) Supplements (opt): we suggest a intentional detox 2x a year or a gentle one daily. We love using zeolite based products as they are gentle and affective. Our favorite zeolite products are linked below.


Favorite herbal teas: Wildly Botanicals herbal teas! Check out our Calm of the Wilde, Motherfreely, Restore, and Flower Child for some herbal relaxation. We also have a selection of detox teas, our Herbal Liver Detox and Love Your Lymph. 

Favorite CBD products: We love Nuvita Globals CBD products from the oil tinctures to the gummy’s to even their topicals. They’re certified organic, third party tested and donate a portion of proceeds every month to organizations that help support survivors of human trafficking and abuse. Use code: WILDLYBOTANICAL to save you 10-20% when you shop with Nuvita Global 

Favorite detox products: we love Wildly Botanical’s dry brushes, gua sha, and 2 herbal teas: Herbal Liver Detox and Love Your Lymph Herbal Tea. Nuvita Goobal has have 2 really great clinoptilolite zeolite detox products that are naturally serviced, third party tested, and contain stable nano particles and stable nano particle sizes. Use code: WILDLYBOTANICAL to save you 10-20% when you shop with Nuvita Global 

Favorite red light devices: Flexbeam use code WILDLYBOTANICAL to save $60. . HoogaHealth discount code in the works!

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