5 ways to use herbs this Valentine’s Day

5 ways to use herbs this Valentine’s Day

1) Rose Hot Chocolate: make some rose infused hot chocolate by steeping some dried rose petals in some hot water for 5 minutes, add your hot chocolate mix, cream of choice, and top with sea salt, cacao nibs, and dried rose petals.


2) Love Chocolate Bark: make some homemade chocolate bark by melting down your favorite chocolate chips down in a double boiler. Swirl in some CBD, vanilla, and cinnamon (opt), pour onto baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle sea salt, nuts of your liking, and dried rose petals. Pop in the freezer for 30 minutes and enjoy.


3) Herbal Latte: steep yourself 8oz of chamomile and rose tea for 8 minutes, add 1-2oz of your choice of milk warmed/steamed, and top with cinnamon and a drizzle of honey. Optional add in is some CBD.


4) Rose Iced Matcha Latte: first to make the rose powder needed for this blend dried rose petals in an espresso bean grinder or blender and sift with a double mesh stainless steel strainer to make a fine rose powder. Grab 4oz of non dairy milk + 2oz of coconut cream (if using cows milk use 6oz of cows milk), a dash of maple syrup, CBD, 1/4tsp of the rose powder, and froth together. Pour rose milk over ice. Grab 5oz of water and 1tsp of ceremonial grade matcha and froth together. Pour over rose milk. Mix with a straw and enjoy!


5) Love Pancakes: take your favorite banana pancake recipe and add chocolate chips, a good dash of cinnamon, and rose powder (if you’re making a smaller batch start off with 1/2tsp, see if visually that’s enough for you and taste test it). Cook regularly or in heart shapes and top with sliced banana, a dash of cinnamon, your favorite maple syrup or honey, and a few dried rose petals (they’re totally edible).



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